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So bad

Anonymous : you are chanel

yeah. :)

Anonymous : i love your blog :) ?

thank you. :)

Anonymous : how old are u ???

14. :)

Anonymous : cute blog :D xxxx

thank you. :)

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167 by original-kids featuring crop shirts
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Black is back. by peigi featuring chanel lipstick
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* by sweetnovember19 featuring converse
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oatmeal with cinnamon, stevia, frozen berries, and peanut butter
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Welcome to Tumblr Tuesday! I hope you enjoy these fresh Tumblr blogs.

Chris Ozer
Brooklyn based photographer. Above: Presidio of San Francisco.

Park Avenue Armory
Part palace, part industrial shed, the Armory is dedicated to the development and presentation of work in the visual and performing arts best realized in a non-traditional setting.

Before VFX
Blockbuster movies without visual effects.

Minimal Desks
Inspirational minimal desks and simple workspaces.

Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food
Documenting the phenomenon of people taking pictures of food they did not themselves cook.

For more updates on what’s new, check the official New & Notable blog.